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Latest Post 16 May 2018

Radius Networks Launches Curbside Service

Washington, DC (PRWEB)


Radius Networks launches Curbside Service, a new product within the Radius Networks Customer Location Platform, designed to automate and streamline the curbside experience for customers, staff, and delivery drivers. With this innovative technology, an entire parking lot can be transformed into serviceable spaces for food delivery.

The easily-installed system leverages Radius Networks’ proprietary wireless location system and ordering apps on the customer’s mobile device to determine the location of a customer within the parking lot. To perfectly time the food readiness with the arrival of the customer, the Radius Networks system triggers the restaurant staff when the customer is within a certain radius of the restaurant, upon entrance to the property, and when they have settled in a parking spot. Food is then brought out fast and fresh to the exact location of the customer.

“In the past we have designated specific curbside/pick-up parking spots, but it consumes prime parking spots, is confusing for the customers, and limits the number of customers and delivery drivers that can use the system at one time,” said District Taco CEO Osiris Hoil. “By turning our parking lot into a serviceable area, we see an increase in repeat customers and substantially less lines and crowding in-store during peak times of the day.”

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